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Title: Four Wives of Persia
Rating: R, for implied sexual acts and other adult themes
Summary: Tus returns from Alamut and encounters each of his wives.
Author's Note: details ) Warning for those averse to polygamy: this story explores the relationships between Tus and his four wives. Spoilers for the film. Unbetaed.
Disclaimer: Standard.

( Her husband returns changed by his time in Alamut. )

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Title: I'll tell you a tale (but it's only half-true)
Author: Irony_Rocks
Pairing/Characters: Dastan/Tamina
Rating/Warnings: Mild R - for later chapter(s)
Summary: He’d undone it, but in that moment there was this sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach that told Dastan he could not undo fate, no matter what magic he’d seen in the Sands of Time.
Spoilers: post-movie fic, so spoilers for the entire movie
Disclaimer: Prince of Persia does not belong to me.
Word count: 6k thus far.
Author's note: Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] ed_84!! And, erm, yes, this is only half the story (or possibly a third, if the story gets away from me), but at least it's 6k worth of something, right? And hey, you inspire me to write you birthday fic even when I'm loaded with work. That's how much I love you! Hopefully you'll like this fic for your new very pretty OTP. ;)


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