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Title: A Moment’s Peace
Summary: Tus is trying to meditate, but has to intervene between his two brothers instead.
Author: Tidia
Rating: PG
Word count: 1750
Chapters: 1
Characters; Tus, Dastan, Garsiv
Pairings: None
Spoilers/Warnings: None

As Tus got older there were more constraints placed on his time, but he always sought time for reflection.  He noticed his father did the same, and hoped it was a sign that one day he would be as good of a king.   Unlike Sharaman, Tus did not seek solace in another place, like a palace or holy city.  He preferred taking his moments in Nasaf in his home. 


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Title: Earning Respect
Summary: In a battle with the Byzantines there is much to lose and earn. Pre-movie.
Author: tidia
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,600
Chapters: 2
Character(s): Dastan, Sharaman, Bis, Tus and Garsiv
Pairing(s): None

Earning Respect

An empire was only as strong as its borders.  A weak border was an invitation to the Byzantines who grew bold in their attacks to threaten the Persian Empire.  It was enough of a threat that King Sharaman would lead his army to a decisive answer.

The tents of Sharaman and Tus were concentrated in the middle of the camp.  Garsiv and Dastan were on the outer edges.  The princes were planning the patrols, especially as they eased their way closer to the area of skirmishes. 


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Title: Standing With Brothers
Summary: Dastan wants to impress his new brothers and be accepted into his new family, but to what lengths and how does an act in the past effect a battle in the future.
Author: tidia
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,400
Chapters: 2
Character(s): Dastan, Tus and Garsiv
Pairing(s): None

To Stand With Brothers
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Title: Brothers
Author: black_nata
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Dastan/Tus
Warnings: Slash
Summary: “Sometimes I wish we weren’t brothers.”

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to rec a fic that I stumbled across yesterday at FF.NET. Written by JoJo4, and off to really good start, IMO. Check it out. :D

Title: Everything and Nothing
Author: JoJo4
Rating: T
Summary: As Dastan and his brothers prepare to leave Alamut and face the Warlord Kosh, Tamina wrestles with her feelings for Dastan, knowing her own duty calls for a sacrifice that could part them forever.
Chapters: Incomplete, 3/?
Character(s): Dastan, Tamina, Sharaman, Tus, Gasiv
Pairing(s): Dastan/Tamina
Spoilers/Warnings: Immediately post-movie

(Link to FF.NET)

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ETA: Dear mods, if this isn't allowed, I apologize in advance. But I imagine fic recs are okay...?


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