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Title: Love, War,and Time 
Prompt: None 
Summary: The Prince's luck is short lived after hearing of a devious plot concerning the fabled Dagger Of Time whilst passing though India. The Prince must battle the evil Zurvan, The Sands of time, The Dark Mysterious Prince within him, and his passion for the princess of India. This is a combination of SOT/WW/TT. 
Author: Wakanda_ 8 
Rating: T 
Character(s):The Prince, The Dark Prince, Princess Farah, Zurvan/Vizier 

           Chapter 4: Farah’s hidden secret           
The next morning the Prince dragged himself out of his bed, restless from another night of watching; he nearly fell asleep while putting on his sword before it clanked to the floor startling him. He headed to the royal dinning room for breakfast with his mind still wandering to what happened last night. Should he reveal his identity, would she understand? ‘Ha, she’d probably kill me in my sleep.’ He thought opening the doors to the room.
 “Ah, my son, so nice of you to join us; out on another midnight stroll?” Sharaman smiled putting down his goblet.
“You know me father, always looking for adventure,” He said stiffing a yawn. Prince bowed slightly to Farah before taking a seat serving himself some fruit. The Prince could tell that Farah was watching him so he looked away and concentrated on his food. “Surely you’d like a tour guide,” The Sultan suggested with a smile. Prince chuckled to himself before replying, “Thank you for your kind offering, but I have learned in my travels to experience a place you must see for yourself,” 
The Indian king nodded with a laugh. “Good answer.” 
The Vizier crept in the dining hall, staff in hand as usual. The Prince slowly removed his hand from his goblet and went to his sword handle underneath the table. Farah saw this reaction before she followed the Vizier with her eyes suspiciously. “M’lord, we have a small problem that needs you’re special assistants,” He whispered to his King. The king stood dabbing the corners of his mouth with a napkin. “My dear, please keep our guests company while I see to something,” He said and the Vizier and the Indian king rushed out the room.
Prince could see the worried look on Farah’s face as she watched her Father leave the dining hall. When they all finished Sharaman went back to gathering their provisions while the Prince joined Farah in the garden. 
Farah, without an inkling of interest in having a conversation with the Prince, immediately took up her bow and arrow and back practicing while the Prince relaxed on a stone bench behind her watching in intently as she took aim. “Very impressive,” He commented  when Farah’s arrow hit the bulls-eye. “Have you any skill with a weapon other than a sword?” Farah asked as she loaded another arrow.
“Yes, I was trained in all styles of combat and weaponry,” He answered.
“You seemed defensive when the Vizier came in this morning,” She causally. The Prince was actually hoping that she hadn’t noticed, but Farah is very mindful of her surroundings. “With all due respect Princess, I don’t trust you’re Vizier; he seems like his hiding something all the time,” He said trustfully. Farah fired another arrow and than turned to Prince in surprise. “Nor I.” She said. “How can you not trust your own Vizier?” Prince asked in surprise although he knew her feelings on the matter.
“I’m not sure, he used to sneak around my bedroom, but he had stopped doing that; I think he was looking for something,” She said putting her hand unconsciously on her medallion. Prince looked down to the Medallion and than his eyes widened in realization. ‘That’s right he wants her medallion for something, but it’s just a necklace, right?’ He thought. “Something wrong?” Farah asked turning away. “I was just wondering, why does you medallion glow so softly like that?” He asked as smoothly as possible.
Farah fired another shot and before turning to the Prince once again. “It was my mother’s,” She started taking it off from around her neck and looking to it. “It’s always glowed a little in the day light, it’s nothing but gold.” She said. Prince nodded slightly disappointed. “It’s beautiful.” He said trying to mask his disappointment.
Farah couldn’t help but feel that the Prince wanted to know more about her medallion. Surely he didn’t seen any real value to it? Farah wondered as she sat buy the fire in the library, reading a book on herds. It was afternoon and she figured that the Prince was with his Father as he always was. But what bothered her the most was the dark stranger. He seemed familiar but his voice wasn’t like anything she heard of; it was always calm and light even though he was supposed to be protecting her. She somehow trusted him, but he didn’t trust her.
Farah closed the book with a sigh as she stared into the dancing flames. Who was he? She knew she shouldn’t be worried, he didn’t seem to mean any harm; maybe she’d show him the treasure vault, maybe it could help him. “I’ll take him tonight.” She said out loud.
“Take who?”
Farah whipped her head around facing the Prince holding a book red book. “Do you often talk to yourself?” He asked with a grin. “N-no,” She stammered quickly coming to standing. “And what are you doing here?” She asked trying to sound as if she wasn’t surpsied. The Prince smirked,“I was reading a book.”
“Well, that quiet obvious,” She frowned. 
“Did I scare you Princess?” He teased.
Farah scoffed and sat back down opening her book again. Prince walked over to her  taking a seat next to her. “What are you reading?” He asked setting his book to the side. “Nothing of your interest, I’m sure.” She replied. “Try me.” The Prince countered. Farah showed him the book cover. “Life and Herbs.” He read. “I read that, very interesting.” He said. Farah raised an eyebrow skeptically “You read?” She said not meaning for it to come out like that.
Prince nodded understand what she meant. “All warriors are taught to be ruthless with their fighting as well with their studies,” 
“I did not know that.” She said closing her book. “There is much you don’t know about us blood thirsty Persians.” He said before standing, his book in hand before leaving her alone once again.
Later on, as the Indian sun sat and families and workers headed home for supper, Farah once again sat down at the table seeing the Prince once again tense as the Vizier sat next to her. The Persian king repeatedly thanked Farah’s Father for extending their stay while she noticed that the Prince had a hand under the table possibly holding a dagger. What did he really have against the Vizier? Surely they have no real relationship that could put him on edge? Farah was puzzled and smiled politely and spoke only when spoken to the rest of the night.
Prince once again went to the balcony masking his face, waiting for Farah to enter her room. She seemed to have been watching him too intently at dinner which made him think that she was beginning to put two and two together and figure out it was him.
The Vizier stood in the library by the fireplace, caressing his snake staff that had a golden jewel at the head. He was waiting for his servant to come with news. When the door finally opened the Vizier looked up and raised an interested eyebrow. “Master, I have some very interesting news for you,” The man said with a bow. “What is it?” The Vizier said slowly standing up straight before a fit of coughs afflicted him for a moment. His servant stood silently not know quite what to do. “Tell me the news.” The Vizier gasped. “My Lord, I believe there is someone watching over the princess, I could not see the being but I saw the shadow as I was leaving the room. I believe this person is protecting Princess Farah,” The servant paused.
“What an interesting development, that why I heard her talking before.” He said to himself. “And I was in the library and she said that she was going to take someone someplace tonight, I have a man watching just in case it does happen.” He said. “Very good, I suspect it’s that bastard of a prince watching over the beautiful Princess, it’s a good thing I ordered for their provisions to be sabotaged. I’ll give the signal soon. If she’s taking the Prince to where I think she’s taking him than I need you to have a close watch on him and keep me posted.” The Vizier commanded. The servant bowed before silently walking out the room. “It’s almost time.” The Vizier grinned darkly looking into the fire with the blaring thought of glory and immortality.
Farah rushed into this chambers, quickly locking her door and looking around making sure that nothing was moved before she spoke, “Are you here?” She asked. The Prince studied her for a moment and then answered, “Yes,” He said in a calm voice. Farah sighed and went to her wardrobe and changed into a red and gold outfit and pulled her hair back into a pony tail with gold bands around the base of her hair and the end, a strand of hair fell down her face.  She looked to the balcony seeing the shadow better since the moon was bright and full. “I wish to take you someplace,” She said walking to the balcony slowly as she slipped her bow about her and fastened her quiver. “Why?” The Prince asked seeing that she was nervous. “Because I think I know what the Vizier is after, or at least it’s something that he has his greedy eye on. Will you come with me?” She asked opening the gated door to the balcony, seeing him standing under the moon light.
The Prince’s heart sped up as he nodded. “It’s a ways journey but we will be there before morning.” She said as the Prince walked over pausing for just a moment. “It’s too dangerous for you,” He said taking her arm pull her around to his back as she hopped on. She was hardly a weight for him. “Hold on tight.” He said feeling her grip tighten and he jumped to the trees ahead and slid down to the grassy ground. Farah let go and motioned him to follow her. He wonder where she was taking him but didn’t say a word of his curiosity.
Farah guided the Prince to the stables, quickly pulled two horses along and mounting them for a two hour race along the sand dunes. The Prince couldn’t take the unbearable bouncing so he finally spoke, hoping that they were near their destination. “Where are we going?” 
“My Father’s treasure vault,” She answered pushing her horse harder. ‘Treasure Vault?’ He thought. As a child the Prince heard stories of this legendary treasure vault and the wonders within. Farah finally stopped at the very far wall of her palace to an even greater palace with the largest wooden doors the Prince had not seen yet on his travels around the kingdom. Farah put a finger to her lips and walked past the door to the stone wall pushing a rock large enough for them both to crawl through.
Farah went first on her hands in knees before the Prince followed before coming into the full view of the ancient palace. “A little over the top for a treasure vault,” The Prince sarcastically, before he realized that she might recognize his sarcastic tone. “This is also a part of our palace, but this is a very secret way that has been guarded for generations,” She grunted pushing the stone back in place. “Come this way,” She said walking to a flight of marble stairs that went down into the darkness.
Farah took the Prince through different corridors and rooms that were decorated handsomely with red Indian rugs and linen curtains. He was silent the whole time as he examined each path and room carefully, trying to memorize them, but he couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of dread over coming him as he moved with the beautiful princess. “We’re almost there,” She said with a sigh walking out a room and onto a balcony that led down. “How far does this go?” He asked. “Just one more flight of stairs, we conceal it in a maze of sorts so to make it harder for our enemies to find it,” She answered.
“You seem so sure in trusting me when you have no reason to,” He went on as they walked down the stairs past a window that gave off some light of the moon. “I have my reasons and I believe you; there is something not right about the Vizier and the Prince of Persia even sees it,” She said. Prince thought for a moment about what she had said and then stopped walking. “Then why is this such a secret?” He asked. Farah paused turning her eyes to him. He could tell she was trying to read his eyes that were darkened by the light. “Because it’s a terrible power that must never be opened,” She said darkly. The silence between them held for a moment before Farah continued leading the way.
“Why do you not share this information with the Prince?” The Prince not helping himself. “Because I don’t believe we would see eye to eye; he is arrogant and prideful,” She said with a frown. “Are men all not like that?” He asked. “I can’t say for myself but he is, I feel like he’s hiding something from me,” She said slowly and unsure. Farah finally stopped at another large door and took off her medallion and pressed it to a circle spaced space in the door that fit like a key. It opened and a golden glow blinded them.
Farah put her medallion back around her neck looking ahead. Never had the Prince seen anything like it. “The Sands of Time.” She announced. They walked into the room, Farah pushing the large doors shut behind them.
The glowing hourglass drew the Prince, fascinated him, but to move it would take a dozen of his father’s men. “And above it; the Dagger of Time.” She said pointing up where a light blue glowed. “This was created thousands of years ago and to open the hourglass would mean the end of time and humanity. My Medallion is connected to the hourglass and it protects me. My Mother gave it to me to keep and keep I shall.” She said.
“But why have you not simply destroyed it?” The Prince asked looking to Farah who eyes were fixed on the hourglass. “No amount of force is going to end the sands of time, but they say there is an empress of time and with the dagger she can stop it, end it even.” She explained. The Prince and Farah walked up a small tower of stairs and stood on top of the base that was right under the hourglass. “The Dagger of time is the most valuable of items,” She went on as the Prince listened intently. “The dagger can open the hourglass and close it but only with a price of going back in time from the beginning. That’s what my Father told me.” She paused. The Prince stepped forward to the thin glass that was between the stone wall and looked to it placed on a mound.
“It also has powers beyond any or your wildest dreams, they say the Sands can make you-”
“Immortal.” Finished a voice. 
Farah and the Prince turned around spying the Vizier and a group of large minions. “Thank you for the history lesson, Princess, but you have something I need.” He said with a grin of evil. The Prince stepped forward covering Farah. “Ah, I see you have a body guard as well.” He smirked. “What are you doing here?” Farah asked putting her hand on her bow.
“I came to test a theory of power and I knew you would lead me to it.” He grinned. “Seize them!”
“Farah get back!” The Prince ordered. “No, we have to get the dagger, he must not have it.” Farah said pulling his arm as he unsheathed his sword ready to fight. “We must hurry.” She said running and jumped to the other side of the room that had a small ledge with the Prince right on her heels. The princess took Prince’s hand as they ran into a doorway hearing the echoing shouts of the Vizier. They ran and stopped looking down seeing moving pillars of spikes. The Prince jumped down before helping Farah down. They easily ran past the spiked pillars and down a slightly flooded hall and then they climbed up once more.
“It’s this way!” Farah shouted as she got to the top first.
There was a long flight of stone stairs that lead down to the small area where the Dagger of Time lay in it’s resting place. The stairs had no railing so they stayed closed to the side hoping not to fall. Farah looked back to the stairs hearing shouts. “They are behind us!” 
The Prince and Farah looked to a statue of a sitting man that glowed a faint blue at the very top. “Stay here.” The Prince ordered before quickly climbing the statue. When he finally got to the shoulders of the statue, he began rebound from wall to wall until he reached the top immediately amazing by the dagger and the small spheres of sand on the handle.
“Sand,” He said puzzled before he looked to Farah who took out her bow and arrow,  aiming and releasing as quickly as she could to the advancing men. The Prince put the dagger on a small side belt and then he carefully made his way to the bottom on the statue. “Help me!” Farah called and the Prince quickly rushed over and cut down the men attacking, blood staining his sword. The Prince grabbed Farah after his pushed over a large bowl of burning oil that began igniting the room.
“Show me the way out,” He ordered quickly. Farah simply pointed and they both ran down another flight of stairs hearing the Vizier shouting for the men who weren’t dead to capture them. Farah stopped at the staircase and pushed a wall and grabbed the Prince and the door shut them in a silent dark hall. They held their breath as the men shouted quickly running down the stairs and when it was silent Farah and the Prince took a breath.
Farah fell to the floor catching her breath as the Prince walked to a set of flat stairs and sat down and taking the Dagger in his hand. “Where are we?” He asked looking to Farah who covered her face from a moment taking a breath before standing. “It’s a secret passage I found when I was young when I first came here. No one knows of it expect me and my Father.” She answered and stood looking to the Prince with a frown. “At least we are safe for the time being.” She said and reached up grabbing the Prince’s mask ripping it off revealing his true identity.


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